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Annual Review & Outlook of Merabi and Sons, and our Industry Real Estate:

The New Year has begun. Merabi and Sons and the industry are expecting a fantastic bright future. In investments from cash, stock, to commodities, real estate has been giving returns year after year ever since the economical corrections of 1989-90. The growth is as follows; In New York City, on an average of 18%, and in some parts of Los Angeles up to 50% this previous year. This was due to the sharp decrease of interest rates which was done to stimulate the economy. One would see this as problematic but, I feel that the type of buying power it gave the public, it injected a does of adrenalin into an already lax market. Real estate is and will always be the safest investment as I was told by my father and Grandfather A"H. There is seldom a rare moment when a piece of land or property depreciates. Only under extreme pressures or circumstances do we see an anomaly like this occur. Even Europe is taking notice of our market. The European investors have already begun to buy up New York City real estate with the increase of the Euro's buying power. This was also evident when the Japanese bought out many of the major real estate holdings during their Yen boom from 1984 to 89. This gives people in Europe a 30% discount across the board on their real estate investments in the United States. Many people are also migrating to the West Coast (Los Angeles) due to the wonderful weather. Opportunities are sprouting every minute on the East and West coast. We at Merabi and Sons Incorporated are taking a bullish stance on the market this year. We forecast a 15% rise in the New York City market, and 18% in the Los Angeles market. This leads to double digit asset growth and lots to be excited about in the coming year.

Company: My Company's shareholders who are my parents, aunts, brother, sister, cousins, under a condition of proxy have come to examine how I have been handling this 270 year old company. The success of our legacy is in the breeding of the next generation of Merabi's to take over the company and outside prospects who would in part work for the company. My goal is to preserve our family name which stands on a principal of ethics, philanthropy, and faith in mankind. We want to be a part of the elite development so that the turns that are to take place in the world will be positive and leave a ever lasting impact. This is the philosophy that has worked for the last 270 years at Merabi and Sons. This is why we are and will be the premiere Real Estate Company in the world.

Kambiz. Merabi
1-03-2005 Los Angeles

Merabi and Sons, the premiere Real Estate Company in the world.


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