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Kambiz Merabi's Speech
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On behalf of our family and I, I would like to thank each and everyone of you for attending my Grand Father A"H's  memorial.

When the news reached me in Los Angeles, these words that I have written erupted out of me, as I was in a state of shock.  I cannot begin to explain my sadness. 

My sadness lies in his absence. The absence of Baba Mousa who I have loved so much and for so long.  How can I begin to speak of his great accomplishments when I am this sad. How do I feel now that my mentor has left my side? 

I feel lost. 

But he taught me to have faith in GOD and faith, will find me anything I have lost. 

So I look up to the stars to see him, knowing he is up there watching me.

You wonder why I call my Grandfather Baba Mousa?  The answer is simple he is a father to all his grand kids and all the people who knew him, Baba in Farsi means father.

 We worked together in Manhattan for a long time.  My grand father was a great business man, and by trade he was an accountant, and that means you can count on the person to be precise and organized, that he was in deed.

If any of you know me, I am always immersed in my work and don't have time for anything in the office, but work. When people would stop by to get his blessings at the office.  And than he would stop whatever we were doing and run and attend to his spiritual duties. He taught me that first comes GOD, then everything else.

Let me share with you my last visit with Baba Mousa.  It was about 3 weeks ago before I went to Los Angeles. We spoke together, reminisced together, He asked me about some new English words he didn't understand. Even in his old age he wanted to learn. I never knew a man to be so humble.

That is my Baba Mousa inspiring me, all the grandkids and others to learn. He would always say, it is never too late to learn.

My Baba Mousa was generous in every aspect.  Sometimes at social gatherings, people would come to me and ask "How is your grandfather?"

They recalled how he blessed them or how they bought their first born son from him? (A Jewish custom) I would think in my head "Yeah you and half of great neck, Los Angeles, and many more people in Iran."  These things are routine when you have a Grandfather like Baba Mousa.

The past few days friends and family have been calling me to express their condolences, and to describe how great of a man my grandfather was. 

My grandfather was a simple man who lived in a simple apartment, with a simple suit, and simple means but he had the spirit of a giant and the faith of a thousand prophets. I know how great he was in his simplicity and what an angel he was on earth. I know all of these things, I know he had a long life; I was so honored to have him and learn from him. 

Now that he is not around, I know what real heaviness feels like; It is overwhelming because we did not only lose our grandfather but we lost the head of our family. 

Baba Mousa I love you. 

 You have been my teacher for the past 42 years. 

I hope I can be half the man you are. 

I miss you. 

All of us, and especially I will never forget you.

Kambiz Merabi

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