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At Merabi and Sons™ our tenants enjoy an exclusive, twenty four hour/Seven access to the largest collection of state of the art commercial and residential real estate. With Merabi and Sons™ style and leadership it makes only absolute sense to build in the most progressive and elite cities in the world.

Being one of our tenants would not only introduce new possibilities for your image and the way you do business or enjoy your quality of life but, it would also show you the advantages of renting instead of owning.

Our building will provide the pinnacle of amenities at a price which is affordable for the tenant to manage. In light, it will elevate not only your quality of life but also your state of mind. It would only make common sense to rent at one of buildings, when the cost of the lifestyle, location, and amenities would be much less than the attempt to own an apartment / your store or your office. Plus once you begin to become a tenant with us, you will have a lifetime and exclusive access to our company's expansion in the finest buildings at the greatest destinations in the world.

Make our building your home; make the world your home at Merabi and Sons™. (Kambiz A. Merabi December 2004)

Merabi and Sons founded in 1730 is one of the most prestigious, trustworthy, and ancient Real Estate Companies in the world. With domestic and international assets our buildings provide a professional cosmopolitan atmosphere to live in or to operate your business. In this ambiance, you can grow at a pace unlike any other and your personal life will flourish because your quality of life is at its best. (Merabi and Sons November 2004)

President's Letter

Dear Tenant:

When was the last time you came home from work and felt like you needed a vacation? Don't you feel like you are owed a little rest and relaxation from the daily chaos of your life? Merabi and Sons provides amenities which will allow you to take a daily vacation from your life. These services include massage, spa, mini market with fresh organic foods, cleaning service for attire and home, pool, salons, and all other perks needed to smooth out your day.

What are your passions? Do you have a hobby? Our company will provide learning centers within the building with a wide resource and access to information for you to develop your passions. This could range from stamp collecting, writing, music, and painting. Even if you want to bring your business home, we provide conference spaces, computer networks, and copy shop to serve all your office needs. As an extra perk, there are secretaries on call to run errands for you. This is only for the tenants. These are not retail businesses running at their own behest. All inclusive to the tenants who live in our building. (Kambiz A. Merabi October 2004)

Never have your options been so intriguing. Merabi and Sons at the palm of your hands on two coasts of the United States providing management, modern real estate space, and stability. Right now, there's a space you need to occupy. And we are that space. Merabi and Sons. (September 2004)

Something incredible is about to happen. We're building a bridge across the United States to Los Angeles in order to diversify our holdings, provide fresh New York attitude to Los Angeles as well as bring the lax styles of California to New York. Our world headquarters will be operating out of Los Angeles. Merabi and Sons "The premiere real estate company in the world" (August 2004)

"As a name well known worldwide for many years, Merabi & Sons continues to impress the industry by accomplishing good deeds while achieving annual business goals." ( July 2004 )

Our Advertisements

Governor George Pataki and Chairman Sandy Treadwell
Merabi & Sons Greatly Appreciates Your Leadership
We are Proud of You
We are Proud of New York
Our Best Wishes for a Successful 2004 Republican National Convention The Merabi & Sons, Inc. A Real Estate Investment & Development Firm. (June 2004)

Merabi and Sons
"The premiere real estate company in the world" (May 2004)

The richest inheritance is collected in the day to day moments experienced in life. For more than 270 years, we have become a main characteristic of these moments. We are a part of history, present and future. We offer a wide range of residential, commercial spaces to help you grow, to allow you to enjoy the quality of life you deserve. Visit us at: www.MerabiandSons.com (April 2004)

"Merabi & Sons sets a new world standard for buying and managing residential and commercial properties with an innovative and fresh method of investment management implemented by minds of the future. Distinction and unique recognition lead to trust with Merabi & Sons." ( March 2004 )

The art of the deal: In what would ordinarily be called a troubling a sign for a self-professed business savant, Kambiz A. Merabi (February 2004)

The Merabi and Sons is a company where you can find a place to live and operate business. We would love to be a part of you passing on the residence and business to your children, grand children, great grand children, and so forth. With over 78 million in assets, 1000 residential tenants and 518 commercial tenants and 270 years of experience, you can be assured that we will be sticking around with your lineage.
Before you look for a real estate company to rent a space is YOURSELF. 1 in 20 people who apply to be a part of our staff get hired on our team. We expect service, security, understanding, determination, and the utmost experience from ourselves therefore, we can put these standards on the applicants who apply to our companies. This same psychology should be applied to your own real estate needs. You should expect no less from our staff and buildings. (January 2004)

Our Advertisements

"We love New York! We love it so much that we have to leave it and draw a line to Shanghai and back to New York City so they can feel the love!" (2003 )

In any capacity, the broker, the seller, the tenant, all will want to come back and work with our respected staff. It is because our reliance on you mirrors the reliance you have on our company." ( 2002 )

"270 years ago, without electricity, we did business and made friends on a wooden desk with a lantern shining some light. Now, our networks touch the ends of the world. As our great-grandfather's grandfather said, 'Make friends everywhere you go'. We still haven¹t forgotten." ( 2001 )

"Given time (270 years to eternity), the right people, the right family, the right ethics and the right innovations, great things may happen." ( 1999 )


Merabi and Sons, the premiere Real Estate Company in the world.


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