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An Open Letter from the CEO

I have the honor and the privilege to succeed Mr. Nasser J. Merabi as president and CEO of Merabi & Sons, Incorporated. During his eight years as president of this great company, my father was responsible for the steadfast resilience of the family's business, even during the recession in 1989-90 when the real estate bubble burst. He always said, "America has been remarkably good for us, as we have been remarkably good to America." We can't say that about any other place in this world.

Following in my father's footsteps has been a unique chance for me to grow and flourish. I have never ceased to take full advantage of this opportunity afforded to me. I am thankful each and every day.

There are still many things to be accomplished by Merabi & Sons. The room for growth has no ceiling. So first, I hope to fill my father's shoes. Then I hope to build new shoes for those who follow me to fill.

Kambiz Merabi
New York, New York
November 25, 1998

A Note to Future Leaders of this Company

 There will come a day when each of you will reach the fork in the road. One way will be straight and easy and lead to a life of mediocrity where everything is dictated to you. The other path is an ascending climb. The way is steep and demanding because the ones who came before laid the groundwork higher and higher with each passing.

The harder path leads to great achievements, great responsibility and great possibilities. I promise you that if you choose to accept the challenge of the climb, your life will change forever. The journey will bring you empowerment rather than power. Rising to meet the future will allow you not to dictate the lives of others through business but to give others inspiration through your own actions.

Some of the best days of my life have been spent sitting in a conference room with my father and grandfather, talking the days into nights. Think of our company's conference room as the family's dining room at home. We will sit there together and discuss business, family, life, education and helping causes. We will grow together as any other company in this nation but we will not be united by share prices or ownership. We will be united by simple family values and heritage.

Kambiz. Merabi
New York, New York
March 14, 2002


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